Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Real World Inventory System~

Met up with client and trainer yesterday, to discuss the outline of the In-House Training (Consultative Program) on this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Had studied about the theories and concepts of Inventory system from the lectures in Uni, and now finally I understood what exactly happened in real world business environment. What would be happened if a company doesn’t has a proper and workable Inventory System to control its operation between sales and manufacturing sites? Over storage of stocks, shortage of cash flow, and so on.

Got a lot valuable knowledge from the client and trainer. They really provide me a lot of knowledge and experience that I cant get from the lectures and textbooks.

Looking forward to the training on this Saturday and Sunday, Effective Inventory and Control System.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Car Park~

See~ the way they manage their traffic.

A new thing i had never see before~~ (except TV ads)

This is what i saw in Guangzhou China. A new thing for me!! Haha~~ A Car Storage Car Park~

China is growing in the way whereas Malaysia is still at the place as 10 years before, nothing improved.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Trip~

Will be off to Macau this evening and direct go to Guangzhou after arrive there. After that will go to Hong Kong on Saturday and come back on Wednesday.

Emm... Hoping to buy a lot of things... A long long list which my sister and mom passed to me last night. My god.. Yet, dad and bro also asked to buy shoes. Adidas, Nike... they said the fashion is 3 years earlier than Malaysia, should buy more. My goodness... Guess my luggage will increase from only one luggage to 2 or 3 luggages to come back. And my pocket... hahaha~

God Bless~~


Friday, June 6, 2008

Cooking oil's rice will increase sooner~

Again... received a latest news from my friends, cooking oil's price will be increased in these few days. Maybe just wait for the annoucement from the government. Guess the the businessmen is keeping the cooking oil, shortage of cooking oil in all the supermarkets is happening now.

Double price of the current price, same as rice's price if not mistaken. So, just prepare to stand for the inflation. Nothing we can do to stop all these thing happen. Try to find extra money... this is what in my mind since the petrol's price was increased.

God Bless~~


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cost increases~~~

Oh My God... how we survive?? Petrol's cost increased to RM2.70. And yet, heard from others about the price of rice, would be incresed double as the current price, means if the current price is RM40, then the price will increased to RM80.

How we survive? no car, no rice? Cars need petrol, we need rice... Sigh!!

Instead of thinking and worrying about the money, better we think in making more money. Should think in positive way, maybe it's time for us to grow? Like our neighbour country, Singapore?

Haha...anyway, dont give up.

God Bless~


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well.... long time didnt update about my life~
Confirm my tuition centre will be opened on this coming December. Location, rental, license application and teachers are all settled. Now is just waiting for the distributing the flyers and promotions.

Emm~~ Start to receive registration on this September and October.

God bless~~