Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adroit's Conference and Forum~

Adroit's Women Conference Blog has been launch:

By the way, feel free to visit Adroit's Forum and post some comments to help the company to improve their service : (republished as

Updated 11 Feb 2009 by FLo~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sharpening Your People Skills ( 3 & 4 December 2008)

We have organized a wonderful training on 3 & 4 December 2008 at Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching, presented by Nicholas Choo from Singapore, an inspiring and impressing trainer.

Throughout the 2-day training, we can know more about ourselves and understand which character we are actually taking in working environment or daily life.

We have done on a DISC profiling system and i found out myself,
A super high "D" person - Direct, demanding, daring, determined

Second "C" - Competent, critical, calculative, cautious

Lower "S" - Supportive, agreeable, build-relationship

Lowest "I" - Persuasive, makes a good impression, optimistic, entertaining

Thus, after finished the profiling system, I understand more about myself and the way to handle my job and stay together with my colleagues.

So, what character you are by th way? Just let me know if you are willing to found out yourself. I can provide you a wonderful profiling system. ^@^


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A day trip~

Went to Sungai Buloh, Simunjan, Sadong Jaya and Sebuyau with a friend on Haji Day to see his construction sites.

Ferry to Simunjan and Sebuyau~
Causeway which is building to avoid the flood at Sebuyau~
Enjoy the trip, for me to have fresh breathing and eye on the green... Tiring to always stay at city environment, tiring to look at the computer for over 12hours everyday.
I really need a break~ wondering when can I make it?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A call from~~

Received a call from Singapore to ask whether im interested to work with them as a marketing & sales person. Same industry with my current company which are organizing training programs and conference. One thing different is they are more organizing at big cities.

Unfornately, I still have one semester to go. I wish... I really hope I can pass through this final semester sooner.

Have received few calls before this but those were calling from local companies and this is the first time received a call from outside Malaysia. Maybe its time for me to get ready myself to step in global, not only Kuching or even Malaysia?

Wish me luck in passing through my final semester and I can really make my dreams come true SOONER!!


Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh no... What happen to my blog? I have been a long time didn’t update it.
Em... Too busy lately for rushing my tasks and working on my business. SORRY!!

Well... another conference will be running on 5 December 2008 at Crowne Plaza Riverside, Winning Your Customer Confidence. Nevertheless, 5 public training programs are also coming up this December, and i am the person in-charge on these 6 programs. When we see the dates are coming nearer and nearer, nervous... panic... heart attack to see the numbers still not going up!!!

Try to look for new source of data to gain in new customers... That’s what I keep on doing everyday...chasing the number of registrations... planning for the sales team to make the number getting more and more... segmenting the different programs to different industries. Anyway, I feel great to put into practice all my knowledge into my workplace. Haha... that's what our prof owaz told us!!!

Tired though but enjoy to see the number of registrations keep coming in and fortunately Joyce and Katherine understand our stress and keep motivating every morning to cheer our day up. A lovely boss although the incident make us depress last 2 weeks, but she is the only one keep cheering us and leading us across the depression. What we are doing now is working harder and harder to succeed the programs and conference to cheer up our boss too... Haha...

Oh ya... Katherine is also setting up her blog to build up commercial network for our upcoming conferences on 2009. Feel free to visit her blog ----->>

Will keep updating my blog and thank for your caring, Lau.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HR Morning Talk

With Trainer from India, Mr Nithi and my colleagues~

With Olivia and Crowne Plaza Business Executive, Miss Jesabel

We had organized a morning talk, Managing Your People Talent Pool at Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching on 23 October 2008. Meeting up with all the HR people from different organizations, government department and association. And realize what had happen in current business workplace and what actually they are facing now.
1. How to handle difficult people?
2. How to keep a good employee from those head hunter? (winks *-*)
3. How to recruit a right person to meet their expectation?
All the issues which are making those HR people headache now because turnover in every company was too high. I think this is the issue which not only worrying them, and also us have to think over. What actually happen on those graduates and the organizations? Let us think about this!

Road construction at Simunjan~

Went to Simunjan by follow a friend last weekend. He is an engineer and now in-charge on the project of road construction for the palm oil estate. This is the first time i went to a project site and seeing them in building a terminal.

On our way back to Kuching... of course with lots of durian, jagung and rambutan. All my favourites. Haha... Planned to go again this coming weekend, i was so enjoyed my trip to there, just because I love nature environment very much.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flying kates and friendship~

they actually not flying the kates, they are running the kates~~ @_@

My kate~ hehe!

Like back to our childhood moments, we run on the beach and "running" our kates, compete who can fly the kate highest... of course... not me. haha...

Unknowingly, we knew each and others many years already since we were still secondary students. Spent lots of time hanging here and there.

And now, everyone has his/her own career as marketers and engineers. Not bad our salaries... everyone is Tauke now... especially those two engineers. Heard their saving were reached RM10K already since they started their job 5 months ago.

Making me so envy... huhuhu~ Miss them a lot while they will going back to their outstation job site after this holiday.


Went for holiday at Samatan Palm Beach during 2 days raya holiday. Enjoyed our days with hanging around with all the best friends. The beach is clean and beautiful, the "hotel" is cheap and so far ok. BUT the food is really bad... so disappointed. haha...anyway, we did enjoy our trip at Samatan.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What should i do? Remain or quit?
Thinking and thinking~~ Which offer i should accept?

Love my current job... but there are too much dissapointing... too much tiresome... office politic!!!! All these i hate... What for with all these? can it keep the company on improving? or getting much more businesses by creating so much conflicts?? wondering why with all these!!!

I love to keep learning, improving... enhancing my ability in different field. I want to learn something new, not keep staying in a box!!!
Talk to me, face to me if i have anything that cannot perform very well, but not imply in any words and talk so much nonsense. And make sure you have your ability or headship to make me obey your comments. If you are not able to do something to show me your headship or special skills, please shut up and improve yourself before you want to admonish or exhort me. Yet, you are not the one pay my salary!!!!!

Gosh~~ is this what we call real life??? Em... i guess so!! Ha~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We had 5 kittens which just only one month plus. we can't feed them since we got 2 cats at home already... and yet the cat gave birth every three or four months. Pengsan~~ @_@
But we cant just throw them away to market or anywhere.. so.. anyone would like to feed them?? Actually not willing to give away to people, but we really no time to look after them since we had two cats to look after already..
How i wish can get a maid to look after my cats... Sigh.. not at the moment.
Please let me know if you are willing to have a kitten. Thanks a lot.
But no cat abuse please!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival~

Had a dinner at home with my beloved family for mooncake festival. We had duck (pak lou) with eggs and tom yam steamboat.

Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you~
God Blessed..

A teacher~

Headache everytime when my students are having their exam. Because i have to do exam paper for them also as their revision.

Now then i know... how headache my teachers and lecturers are. Thanks anyway. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Buying Crab~

Read a post from Prof Ernest's blog, about the stall beside the Samarahan roundabout. Finished my replacement class at 2pm (Saturday) while on my way to go home, saw the stall was selling crabs.
*winks* ~~ I love to eat crab and so do my family. So, although i was totally blank in mind to buy the good crab, but still i decided to buy some. 1kg is RM16, there were 8 eight crabs in one string.
Called my mom and asked her go home earlier to have crabs for dinner. She replied me: What? Do you know how to pick the good crab??? I said... don care la... I bought it already!

Em... At least not bad la... still got lots meat inside, but... all the crabs were lost one side of "crabclip". Gosh~ Daddy and mom laughed and said i got cheated.

Haha... anyway, that's first time to buy crab by myself. Not bad la... Everything has to try.. right? ^0^

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My new house~ But it only had completed 70-80%. As the developer said, they will complete the project on next month, August... But i dont think they can complete it as i went to see the process on this morning.
Actually it had delayed 6 months already which the agreement was saying that the project would complete on March, but end out they still havent complete until now... Gosh~

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Office~~

Hehe~~ Moved to downstair new office today. This is my new seat... Nice? with Red color...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guangzhou & Macau ~

Too many photos i wanted to post will spent lots of space only few photos i will post here... There was a lot more i posted in Freindster. Everywhere are crowded with people~~
Beijing Road~
Guess what??
I don know how to translate in English, but it was something like "cacing" but bigger than cacing...
Macau International Airport~

HK Trip~

HK Convention Centre~~ Our Goal!!!
I love to watch HK drama... Finally, i'm there!!
Jackie Chan~~
Night View~One World, One Dream~
HK Kenari?? No la... Daihatsu Move~~
First and the Last~~ Chao Taofu~~

First Try~~~

This is wat i had eaten in Guangzhou~~ Em... can i say it was a cockcroach?? Oh my GOD!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Negotiation Skills for Purchasers~

One of the Public Programme in July.

Holiday Inn~

Hotel Survey~

Double Bed Room - 360 Hotel (Beside Hock Lee Centre), a new launched hotel.

Living Room~

360 Hotel's Restaurant.

Hilton Lodge~

Celebration of New Office~

There was a lunch gathering to celebrate our new opening office on 9 Aug 2008.

One of our trainer - Nicholas Choo from Singapore was invited to our new office for some briefing and motivating.

Our MD, Joyce

Some food

A good friend of mine, Olivia. (My Unimas roommate, now is my event partner)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Surprise~

Planned to give a suprise to my beloved one for his birthday... So I was coming to Sg last night without inform him. Imagine how funny his face... shock, his mind was blank when saw me at his house last night. Hahaha~~
I arrived at JB Senai Airport at 7.55pm last night, took a bus from airport at 8.20pm for only RM8 instead of spent RM40 by taxi. (how loket i am???) haha... horrible the traffic from JB to SG... i have been stuck in the traffic for 2 hours!!!!! My God... can you imagine how frustrated and irritated when we were stucked in a traffic for only 15 minutes in Kuching??
Arrived Kota Raya to take another bus to Kranji for only RM1. Hehe~~ I saved up RM31...
Arrived at Sg immigration at 10.00pm and i wonder that i can pass through the checking point or not... Because i was bring a lot BALACAN and KOLO MEE (with Cha Sao) wahaha... and finally I can. After that, went to my bf's house by MRT at Kranji MRT station. Finally i reached there at 11pm.

See~ Can you imagine how tough those people who are working at big city, everyday rush rush rush~ Although this is my 7th time came to Sg, but still... their way to survive in a competitive environment. Not like in Kuching, maybe we can still have some support from family.

Just take it as a short break from everything in Kuching during these few days... but still brought some documents as my part of job since i have a lot of free time while my bf is busy for his work at day time. And wonder that should i call up the trainer to meet up with him? Emm... since he asked me to call him while i arrive at Sg.

Anyway, enjoy yourself too... God Blessed.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

June Consultative Program~

Organized one of the consultative program in June at Hotel Grand Continental. The Client is requested for "Inventory Management and Control System". Sorry for cannot post some of their photos here because treated as confidential.

Two students from UMS~
Alice and Trainer- Allan Ang from Singapore

After the training program, the client had requested for another consultative program "Balanced Scorecard" which is customized for their sales team.