Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sigh~~ Again!

Just got my salary! Hurray~~ but seems it is not enough to cover my expenses! Haha… My goodness… RM400 (tuition) + RM580 (my job) = RM980.
Deduct RM500 (car installment), RM150(mother day), RM50 (owe sister)…
Only left RM280 for my expenses on May.
Every month have to go through these difficulties! When I can settle all these problems?
My IT friend ask me again to have a meet with him about the part time for computer hardware and software, I promise him to meet up on Friday. See how thing goes on! Hope it really solves my problem!
Will move into our new house on this coming June or July. Ha… That would be another burden for me to think about the housing installment. Came from a medium-salary family, and started to be independent on my own financial since I finish Form 5. Always look for part time jobs on Saturday and Sunday while I was still studying Form 6. And this is why I always busy for my job as I didn’t put too much afford on my study.
That would be the first house of my family in this coming July, that’s my responsibility to provide a comfortable life for my parent. And I promise would get one more even few more houses for them in future. Thats my dreams to let them have a better and luxury life. They are more than enough to give us such a peaceful environment and cheer on us to get into University all the while we were growing up. I love them so much… even they cant provide a luxury life like others, but they provide uncountable loving, caring and encouraging on whatever we are going to do. My job, my study and my dream, they are always saying: Yes, you can do it because you are the best for us!
I love you, Mom and Dad! You are the best for me too… Happy Mother and Father Day! And sorry for can’t get more money for you this month as I really not enough to cover my expenses. Ha-ha… but sure will bring you for a great dinner on Mother Day and of course on Father Day too!


Seldom get sick, always is the healthiest among those who around me, but seems this time is seriously got sick!
Gosh, headache and lightheaded still on my head everyday since last thursday!
And now... Flu, cough and sore throut! My god...
Two days i took time off from my office! Everything delayed...
My dear friends asked me to drink more water, at least 3 bottles (1.5L) per day i took but still the same! Oh my god...
I still many thing need to be done these few days and get ready for my sales visit to Weida within this week!

God bless~~~


Friday, April 25, 2008


Finally, a healthy baby is very sadly to say..i got sick, seriously headache and feeling of vomit!
I think that is the signal of my health in some trouble. 2 days already I suffered in headache and lightheaded...

This really make me cannot doing well in my exam and my job! I didnt go to office this afternoon after my exam as I plan to go in actually to do the rest of my work. But spoiled just because of headache. I guess all this is because i have not enough sleep for these few weeks and rush here and there. Somemore the weather is changing from day to night.

Yeah, health is very important... I know that but since there is something has to rush up, I have to do it. Tomorrow have to go to office alone to complete something. Hopefully i will be alright after one night rest. Jeff, how you can predict on my health?? haha... Anyway, thanks a lot! Appreciate what you had tell me..

God Bless~~


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another opportunity ~

Went back to Unimas to get my Exam Slip for 2nd semester exam. And will having my first exam paper tomorrow!

On the way go home, receive a SMS from an old friend which I knew him involved in IT and quite a professional guy in IT. Asked me interested in IT and sales, I replied him, "Sure. Why?" Haha... As long as can make money and can let me learn new things, I will accept! After that, he asked me to have a meet for a simple briefing at his office tonight, but I cant make it as I have a tuition class at 7pm to 9pm. And he asked to meet up after my tuition... Again i cant make it as i have an exam tomorrow morning. So, I only can meet up with him next week. If you are also interested to IT products, you may visit to his website , and

Actually he wanted to hire some people for part time salesperson for his IT products and software. Maybe this is another opportunity for me and no harm to have a try, right? But I will still stay in Consultation side since Im picking up in that industry.

A good begining before I step out from Uni. I really appreciated everything...

God Blessed~


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Tasks~

Siew (Office admin) informed me yesterday, "Joyce (MD) wants you to go to KK with Hui Phing (Event Coordinator) next month." Oh My God, i shocked for a while because i didnt expect i have to outing for event organizing which i only started in learning the event management process in these two weeks. Have been outing for in-house training and exhibition before but only in Kuching. Fortunately this is another opportunity that provided for my growing!
Well, quite excited for the next 2 months. I will spend my coming holiday be valued in getting more knowledge and experience. Looking forward to the trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou on June which is purposing to survey the marketplace in China.
Hui Phing also decided to go out for sales visit very soon. She will also bring me along to train me be independent in sales & marketing. Guess what is in my mind?
Panic... Tension... Im weak in English communication. What if i can't communicate with the clients in a nice way? But i still have to try! Thats what i always told myself, be tough to stand for everything no matter how hard of my journey to success! I had improve myself in a better way compare with this before.
Life is busy... After came back from office, rush for tuition in night time. That is how my life is going...

God Blessed~~


Kuching Traffic~~~

Here are some of the photos which i took on my way to my Office!! That's what i have to stand for everyday~~~~ @_@

Guess where is it?

The new traffic lights which had just completed at 6 1/2 miles has been spend for almost 4 months to complete. Imagine how suffer of all the road users!!

And can you imagine I have to jam on the road everyday i drive to my office. First, the roundabout at 8 miles and the second is the roundabout at 6 miles (which had just modify to traffic lights). But... should say it is not a efficient solution? Because it doesn't solve the traffic problem.

Oh Gosh~~~when can i off from the traffic problem?


Monday, April 21, 2008

The desire to Achieve!!!

Yes... my desire to achieve is stronger and stronger from days to days!
Still remember what my MD talks to me," even I die, I also want to see my work team succeed the conference for me and for yourselves!" Even she is a woman, but the desire to achieve is stronger than anyone surrounding us! What is in her mind now is break into global, break into Unique! That's why she always go to China. And she will brings me along to seek another market in this coming June. She wants me to see how productivity of the young generation in China, how they can make money in very short term. Definitely, the desire to success of those young generation and businessmen are stronger than the generation in Malaysia or Kuching!
Besides Consultation Programmes, Woman conference, Health Talk and Youth Campaign are what we are preparing and picking up to achieve now! Woman Conference probably will be running on this coming September. Fortunately, that would be a golden opportunity for me to take part in all the processes. Marketing, Promoting, Advertising, Administrative and Management, I can get my knowledge from all the processes, and I believe that would push me up to another level which nobody can expect even myself!
Im not that intelligence as others which can handle and pick up very soon in certain area, but im willing to learn… Anything, as much as I can! Design brochures, system designing, network setup and even administrative which not my career in doing those things, but I start to learn, start to be a multi-tasker, not a single-tasker! Thanks god for giving me such an opportunity to expand my ability in Adroit which never stopped me to keep learning everyday! What people say, push to our limit and then we will know how much abilities we are having!
Everyone has his/her gifting but it will doesn’t work if you never think of expanding yourself, am I right? By the way, attitude is another key on our journey to success. That is what I always believe! Attitude in our life circle, working environment… no way to say you will success with such a bad attitude!

Anyway, wish you and me all the best in our journey! God Bless~


Monday, April 14, 2008


Finally, i finish and hand up my thesis! Well... not bad of the result! Actually out of my expect! I really thought i only can get pass on my thesis.. but i still can get higher mark than what i expected...

Haha... after this, i can concentrate my time on my job and complete the tasks which i left behind my thesis!

Em... actually when progressing on my thesis, im really felt suffer and frustrated on it! I think of give up... because I really don't have any idea or enough knowledge on doing it! But luckily there are few of my coursemates gave me their hands to help me in catching up my progress! If not, i can't imagine what would happen? sob sob... :( They taught me in the way of writing report, to analyse and to run on my data!

What i realy felt guilty is diassapointed my supervisor! He is a very knowledegable supervisor on guiding our thesis but i always absenced on meeting up with him and asked for his coaching! Im sorry on always making him annoyed and irritated on my task!

Anyway, i appreciated what he had teach on my thesis. Would like to thank on his understanding and supporting on my personal task and job! He is definitely a good example for us who will involve in marketing in coming days...

And grateful to say... my MD, Joyce is started to appoint me as helping her in marketing site!Well, this is an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge on my job.. isn't it? And this also will help me a lot to enhance my experience and skills while we are going through all the marketing processes...

God blessed...

Flo ^0^

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gethering Night~

Went out for a dinner with my coursemates on 11 April at The Junk Restaurant.
And having our happy hours at Karaoke..
Few of them were drunk... haha!
Appreciate to having them in my Uni Life and cheer up my life too...
They were helping me a lot im my study!
And hoping that, we can still hang out together in the future!
Wish you all the best~~ Friendship Forever!!

Friendship Forever~~~


Dinner together~~


Group of Final Year Project (Supervised by Prof Ernest Cyril De Run)

Flo, Wei Ling, Sieng Ming, Nian Sze


Wee Ming, Chak Hock, Kai Chen, Flo

Last, A big thank to Jeffrey! You are really helping me a lot... Thanks!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In-House Training

Sarawak Rivers Board had requested for an Empowering Teamwork for their staffs in different bransches in Sarawak, and there were 36 participants in the training days. And this is also the first time we cooperated with the trainer, Mr Morgan David. Definitely, He is a great trainer and we will keeping to cooperate with him in the coming days.

Another part time colleague, Ferbest from Segi College

During the session
Haha... I was joining in the game session because one of the participants was not feeling well.

Helping the participants to solve their problems.
I was enjoying the 2 days in-house training at Harbour View Hotel in Kuching and i really appreciate what i have learned in these 2 days training sessions.

Busy Life~~~

I have started my busy life since the beginning of 2008, until now...
Ok, I am a student in Unimas, which is taking Marketing Course. This is my third year of my course and Unimas had required the students to do their Final Year Project which means the thesis in our final year. And I am guilty to say that, I didn’t put too much afford on my thesis and I know I would have a bad result on that. I have prepared myself to accept any outcome of that project because how much I afford on my task, then I will get how much of the result.
And my jobbing site, I am grateful to have more opportunities to participate in more job functions which are offered by my MD, Joyce. She decided to send me out for organizing few public trainings and in-house trainings. Not only I can get my experience through the training, and also learn more new things or knowledge from those experienced trainers. They are really friendly and kindly to share their knowledge and information with me, even though I still seem like a little girl for them. Hahaha!!! This is what they said, I seem like a little girl. In fact, I am 23 years old and excluded from the title of “little girl”.
Anyway, I appreciated what I had learned along the process no matter the procedures in the back or the progresses in the front stage. And yet, I can understand how tough those trainers are and how smart the organizers are. Instead of making business throughout the training programs, they have their vision to building and helping the people to improve and growing. And this is also the vision and mission of my company, “Building for Growth”. We are enjoying the process all along the way we organized the programs.
By the way, I was also involving in setting up few system databases which cooperated with few teams of students which from Swinburne and of course, Unimas. At the moment, there are 5 system databases on my hand and I am appointed to go through all the processes with those IT teams. And I guess I will very busy with those system databases in the coming months. Huhuhu…
Besides, I have 3 tuition sessions in the night time and maybe there are 2 more sessions will come up. But I know this is the process I have to go through before reach my success. I need to learn to be a leader in guiding or leading people grows up with me. And of course, I need to improve my grammar and language skills. Hahaha… the weakest point!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first time blogging in English~~

Hmm.... Actually i had create few blogs as well in livespaces, friendster, and wordpress. But the thing is, those blogs are chinese blogs, and this had complaint by my friends who are came from english background... Hahaha!! I apologize about that...
As u know, i not that fluent or even smoothy in writing english, there would "pop out' many grammar mistakes when im talking or writing in english, i admit i am! Wahaha...
Anyway, i think its time for me to pick up my poor english as i started involve myself in business environment.
To be sincere, i really hope there is someone who can kindly giude me even lead me along the way im picking up my english! I really think of improve my language skill which is my weakest point for me when involve in those social activities of my job / my company.
And with the encouragement of my boss, Joyce and my superior, Katherine, they are really kind in leading me to improve my communication skills and social skills. I really much appreciated what they have done for me, i really earn a lot valuable knowledge and much more business information in helping me to grow myself which i cant expected before. I really cant expect i have those abilities to handle my jobs... multi tasks! Yet, there are new things always come out to me, and what i only can do is... resource. Whether resource from friends, from software system, from educator, from online resources... This is what my superior said, we must be a person very resourceful in nowadays business environment, if not... you will totally cannot catch the tail of latest information or changing in the marketplace. Through the coaching of my superiors, i really grow up myself much more than before.
Again, my thankful to my superior Joyce and Katherine. I will keep expanding myself and hoping to stay growing together with the company, Adroit Consultancy.