Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Surprise~

Planned to give a suprise to my beloved one for his birthday... So I was coming to Sg last night without inform him. Imagine how funny his face... shock, his mind was blank when saw me at his house last night. Hahaha~~
I arrived at JB Senai Airport at 7.55pm last night, took a bus from airport at 8.20pm for only RM8 instead of spent RM40 by taxi. (how loket i am???) haha... horrible the traffic from JB to SG... i have been stuck in the traffic for 2 hours!!!!! My God... can you imagine how frustrated and irritated when we were stucked in a traffic for only 15 minutes in Kuching??
Arrived Kota Raya to take another bus to Kranji for only RM1. Hehe~~ I saved up RM31...
Arrived at Sg immigration at 10.00pm and i wonder that i can pass through the checking point or not... Because i was bring a lot BALACAN and KOLO MEE (with Cha Sao) wahaha... and finally I can. After that, went to my bf's house by MRT at Kranji MRT station. Finally i reached there at 11pm.

See~ Can you imagine how tough those people who are working at big city, everyday rush rush rush~ Although this is my 7th time came to Sg, but still... their way to survive in a competitive environment. Not like in Kuching, maybe we can still have some support from family.

Just take it as a short break from everything in Kuching during these few days... but still brought some documents as my part of job since i have a lot of free time while my bf is busy for his work at day time. And wonder that should i call up the trainer to meet up with him? Emm... since he asked me to call him while i arrive at Sg.

Anyway, enjoy yourself too... God Blessed.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

June Consultative Program~

Organized one of the consultative program in June at Hotel Grand Continental. The Client is requested for "Inventory Management and Control System". Sorry for cannot post some of their photos here because treated as confidential.

Two students from UMS~
Alice and Trainer- Allan Ang from Singapore

After the training program, the client had requested for another consultative program "Balanced Scorecard" which is customized for their sales team.

Adroit's Farewell Party~

We had spent lots of days with the trainees from Unimas and UMS... and some of the part time Uni students. Having lots of fun and sharing during the two months holiday, and they started to left for their new semester in Uni. Really miss the time we are being together~

Celebrated birthday with two July Birthday Gals~

Unimas Students~ FEB and FK~

Adroit's Upcoming New Office~

Adroit's second new office is under renovation and will be competed by next week.
Wuahaha~ Red,Pink are the major color of the office~ Huhu~ That's great for us to work in a very comfort and relaxing environment. That's what Joyce wanted to do so~

Marketing section~ Me and my partner, Oi Min will be at this corner in the coming days~
Sales and Event Department ~
Sales and Event Department ~
A very comfort meeting room~ The sofa and the coffee maker table haven't move in at the moment~
Me~ Joyce and Alice~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adroit's Latest Website~

You may visit to Adroit's latest website -->

Kindly contact us via:

Adroit & Associates Sdn. Bhd.
2nd Floor, Unit 41,RH Plaza,
Lorong Lapangan Terbang 1,93250,
Contact Number: Tel : 082-462712 / 452712
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