Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HR Morning Talk

With Trainer from India, Mr Nithi and my colleagues~

With Olivia and Crowne Plaza Business Executive, Miss Jesabel

We had organized a morning talk, Managing Your People Talent Pool at Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching on 23 October 2008. Meeting up with all the HR people from different organizations, government department and association. And realize what had happen in current business workplace and what actually they are facing now.
1. How to handle difficult people?
2. How to keep a good employee from those head hunter? (winks *-*)
3. How to recruit a right person to meet their expectation?
All the issues which are making those HR people headache now because turnover in every company was too high. I think this is the issue which not only worrying them, and also us have to think over. What actually happen on those graduates and the organizations? Let us think about this!

Road construction at Simunjan~

Went to Simunjan by follow a friend last weekend. He is an engineer and now in-charge on the project of road construction for the palm oil estate. This is the first time i went to a project site and seeing them in building a terminal.

On our way back to Kuching... of course with lots of durian, jagung and rambutan. All my favourites. Haha... Planned to go again this coming weekend, i was so enjoyed my trip to there, just because I love nature environment very much.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flying kates and friendship~

they actually not flying the kates, they are running the kates~~ @_@

My kate~ hehe!

Like back to our childhood moments, we run on the beach and "running" our kates, compete who can fly the kate highest... of course... not me. haha...

Unknowingly, we knew each and others many years already since we were still secondary students. Spent lots of time hanging here and there.

And now, everyone has his/her own career as marketers and engineers. Not bad our salaries... everyone is Tauke now... especially those two engineers. Heard their saving were reached RM10K already since they started their job 5 months ago.

Making me so envy... huhuhu~ Miss them a lot while they will going back to their outstation job site after this holiday.


Went for holiday at Samatan Palm Beach during 2 days raya holiday. Enjoyed our days with hanging around with all the best friends. The beach is clean and beautiful, the "hotel" is cheap and so far ok. BUT the food is really bad... so disappointed. haha...anyway, we did enjoy our trip at Samatan.