Thursday, September 25, 2008


What should i do? Remain or quit?
Thinking and thinking~~ Which offer i should accept?

Love my current job... but there are too much dissapointing... too much tiresome... office politic!!!! All these i hate... What for with all these? can it keep the company on improving? or getting much more businesses by creating so much conflicts?? wondering why with all these!!!

I love to keep learning, improving... enhancing my ability in different field. I want to learn something new, not keep staying in a box!!!
Talk to me, face to me if i have anything that cannot perform very well, but not imply in any words and talk so much nonsense. And make sure you have your ability or headship to make me obey your comments. If you are not able to do something to show me your headship or special skills, please shut up and improve yourself before you want to admonish or exhort me. Yet, you are not the one pay my salary!!!!!

Gosh~~ is this what we call real life??? Em... i guess so!! Ha~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We had 5 kittens which just only one month plus. we can't feed them since we got 2 cats at home already... and yet the cat gave birth every three or four months. Pengsan~~ @_@
But we cant just throw them away to market or anywhere.. so.. anyone would like to feed them?? Actually not willing to give away to people, but we really no time to look after them since we had two cats to look after already..
How i wish can get a maid to look after my cats... Sigh.. not at the moment.
Please let me know if you are willing to have a kitten. Thanks a lot.
But no cat abuse please!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival~

Had a dinner at home with my beloved family for mooncake festival. We had duck (pak lou) with eggs and tom yam steamboat.

Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you~
God Blessed..

A teacher~

Headache everytime when my students are having their exam. Because i have to do exam paper for them also as their revision.

Now then i know... how headache my teachers and lecturers are. Thanks anyway. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Buying Crab~

Read a post from Prof Ernest's blog, about the stall beside the Samarahan roundabout. Finished my replacement class at 2pm (Saturday) while on my way to go home, saw the stall was selling crabs.
*winks* ~~ I love to eat crab and so do my family. So, although i was totally blank in mind to buy the good crab, but still i decided to buy some. 1kg is RM16, there were 8 eight crabs in one string.
Called my mom and asked her go home earlier to have crabs for dinner. She replied me: What? Do you know how to pick the good crab??? I said... don care la... I bought it already!

Em... At least not bad la... still got lots meat inside, but... all the crabs were lost one side of "crabclip". Gosh~ Daddy and mom laughed and said i got cheated.

Haha... anyway, that's first time to buy crab by myself. Not bad la... Everything has to try.. right? ^0^