Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Surprise~

Planned to give a suprise to my beloved one for his birthday... So I was coming to Sg last night without inform him. Imagine how funny his face... shock, his mind was blank when saw me at his house last night. Hahaha~~
I arrived at JB Senai Airport at 7.55pm last night, took a bus from airport at 8.20pm for only RM8 instead of spent RM40 by taxi. (how loket i am???) haha... horrible the traffic from JB to SG... i have been stuck in the traffic for 2 hours!!!!! My God... can you imagine how frustrated and irritated when we were stucked in a traffic for only 15 minutes in Kuching??
Arrived Kota Raya to take another bus to Kranji for only RM1. Hehe~~ I saved up RM31...
Arrived at Sg immigration at 10.00pm and i wonder that i can pass through the checking point or not... Because i was bring a lot BALACAN and KOLO MEE (with Cha Sao) wahaha... and finally I can. After that, went to my bf's house by MRT at Kranji MRT station. Finally i reached there at 11pm.

See~ Can you imagine how tough those people who are working at big city, everyday rush rush rush~ Although this is my 7th time came to Sg, but still... their way to survive in a competitive environment. Not like in Kuching, maybe we can still have some support from family.

Just take it as a short break from everything in Kuching during these few days... but still brought some documents as my part of job since i have a lot of free time while my bf is busy for his work at day time. And wonder that should i call up the trainer to meet up with him? Emm... since he asked me to call him while i arrive at Sg.

Anyway, enjoy yourself too... God Blessed.



~ChRiStY~ said...

after read it, sure that ur bf will very surprise on it~
i rely "pei fu" u that u are brave to go Sg alone..
anyway, keep in touch owaz n gambateh on ur own life~