Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first time blogging in English~~

Hmm.... Actually i had create few blogs as well in livespaces, friendster, and wordpress. But the thing is, those blogs are chinese blogs, and this had complaint by my friends who are came from english background... Hahaha!! I apologize about that...
As u know, i not that fluent or even smoothy in writing english, there would "pop out' many grammar mistakes when im talking or writing in english, i admit i am! Wahaha...
Anyway, i think its time for me to pick up my poor english as i started involve myself in business environment.
To be sincere, i really hope there is someone who can kindly giude me even lead me along the way im picking up my english! I really think of improve my language skill which is my weakest point for me when involve in those social activities of my job / my company.
And with the encouragement of my boss, Joyce and my superior, Katherine, they are really kind in leading me to improve my communication skills and social skills. I really much appreciated what they have done for me, i really earn a lot valuable knowledge and much more business information in helping me to grow myself which i cant expected before. I really cant expect i have those abilities to handle my jobs... multi tasks! Yet, there are new things always come out to me, and what i only can do is... resource. Whether resource from friends, from software system, from educator, from online resources... This is what my superior said, we must be a person very resourceful in nowadays business environment, if not... you will totally cannot catch the tail of latest information or changing in the marketplace. Through the coaching of my superiors, i really grow up myself much more than before.
Again, my thankful to my superior Joyce and Katherine. I will keep expanding myself and hoping to stay growing together with the company, Adroit Consultancy.