Monday, April 21, 2008

The desire to Achieve!!!

Yes... my desire to achieve is stronger and stronger from days to days!
Still remember what my MD talks to me," even I die, I also want to see my work team succeed the conference for me and for yourselves!" Even she is a woman, but the desire to achieve is stronger than anyone surrounding us! What is in her mind now is break into global, break into Unique! That's why she always go to China. And she will brings me along to seek another market in this coming June. She wants me to see how productivity of the young generation in China, how they can make money in very short term. Definitely, the desire to success of those young generation and businessmen are stronger than the generation in Malaysia or Kuching!
Besides Consultation Programmes, Woman conference, Health Talk and Youth Campaign are what we are preparing and picking up to achieve now! Woman Conference probably will be running on this coming September. Fortunately, that would be a golden opportunity for me to take part in all the processes. Marketing, Promoting, Advertising, Administrative and Management, I can get my knowledge from all the processes, and I believe that would push me up to another level which nobody can expect even myself!
Im not that intelligence as others which can handle and pick up very soon in certain area, but im willing to learn… Anything, as much as I can! Design brochures, system designing, network setup and even administrative which not my career in doing those things, but I start to learn, start to be a multi-tasker, not a single-tasker! Thanks god for giving me such an opportunity to expand my ability in Adroit which never stopped me to keep learning everyday! What people say, push to our limit and then we will know how much abilities we are having!
Everyone has his/her gifting but it will doesn’t work if you never think of expanding yourself, am I right? By the way, attitude is another key on our journey to success. That is what I always believe! Attitude in our life circle, working environment… no way to say you will success with such a bad attitude!

Anyway, wish you and me all the best in our journey! God Bless~



J-Man said...

Em. That the girl!!! In fact i really do strongly believe that you can achieve it, internally and externally. It just that sayang i can't coorperate with you. All this while, you are the type that i look forward to coorperate. It bring success and most importantly, effective and precise.

Your are far stronger than any guys that are from your badge and you have succeded something. Your own! The key you mention is attitude, yes i strongly agree on that. Not only that, it also cover your behavior, value and ethics to be name some. But bear in mind that, in whatever that you do, never say no, never quit untill you finish the thing that you are working on. and believe in God ability to guide you as well, cos that is our human being codeof conduct, our salt and sugar.

But above and all, health is important and strongly important. See our supervisor just an example. He always told me health is to be very important apart success. So as a senior and a friend, i will like to tell you Flo, "Take care of your health cos' it mean a world to you. Life is not fair, but do of your best not as to perfection but as to your ability and pride. Don look down on nerds, as you might end up working with them one of these days. Above all, God bless and have a happy and successfull working".

Send my regards to your MD Joyce. If i can, i would be very glad to work together with Joyce and you. But first i need to change my bad attitude- Temper. Ha ha....

God bless.