Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sigh~~ Again!

Just got my salary! Hurray~~ but seems it is not enough to cover my expenses! Haha… My goodness… RM400 (tuition) + RM580 (my job) = RM980.
Deduct RM500 (car installment), RM150(mother day), RM50 (owe sister)…
Only left RM280 for my expenses on May.
Every month have to go through these difficulties! When I can settle all these problems?
My IT friend ask me again to have a meet with him about the part time for computer hardware and software, I promise him to meet up on Friday. See how thing goes on! Hope it really solves my problem!
Will move into our new house on this coming June or July. Ha… That would be another burden for me to think about the housing installment. Came from a medium-salary family, and started to be independent on my own financial since I finish Form 5. Always look for part time jobs on Saturday and Sunday while I was still studying Form 6. And this is why I always busy for my job as I didn’t put too much afford on my study.
That would be the first house of my family in this coming July, that’s my responsibility to provide a comfortable life for my parent. And I promise would get one more even few more houses for them in future. Thats my dreams to let them have a better and luxury life. They are more than enough to give us such a peaceful environment and cheer on us to get into University all the while we were growing up. I love them so much… even they cant provide a luxury life like others, but they provide uncountable loving, caring and encouraging on whatever we are going to do. My job, my study and my dream, they are always saying: Yes, you can do it because you are the best for us!
I love you, Mom and Dad! You are the best for me too… Happy Mother and Father Day! And sorry for can’t get more money for you this month as I really not enough to cover my expenses. Ha-ha… but sure will bring you for a great dinner on Mother Day and of course on Father Day too!



J-Man said...

Well if i understand what u writting, u mean u get a house for your family right? Well, Flo, thats great girl.

But anyway, money will never be enough. I also wont have enough most of the time. Like recently when i just get my pay, 2000 plus 1400, it stiil not enough with me. pay this and that and others commitment. Ha ha...

Well, not to mumble to you but just want to let you know, don bother much on the financial cos u will find it to pull you back. But when u know how to live to the fullest and appreciate everyday, everything and everyone around, well even 500 a month will be suffecient and it will basically encourage you to push more and do better. Trust me. I join in UNIMAS for only 1000 and i'm not from Kuching. So basically just enough plus monthly send money back home to cover home expenses. Never enough. But as i say, when u know all this just temporary, u will be more happy. Of cos deduct those beside you that make u unhappy la. Like me. ha ha..

Talk too long. Sorry.. :p

In next time...