Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy Life~~~

I have started my busy life since the beginning of 2008, until now...
Ok, I am a student in Unimas, which is taking Marketing Course. This is my third year of my course and Unimas had required the students to do their Final Year Project which means the thesis in our final year. And I am guilty to say that, I didn’t put too much afford on my thesis and I know I would have a bad result on that. I have prepared myself to accept any outcome of that project because how much I afford on my task, then I will get how much of the result.
And my jobbing site, I am grateful to have more opportunities to participate in more job functions which are offered by my MD, Joyce. She decided to send me out for organizing few public trainings and in-house trainings. Not only I can get my experience through the training, and also learn more new things or knowledge from those experienced trainers. They are really friendly and kindly to share their knowledge and information with me, even though I still seem like a little girl for them. Hahaha!!! This is what they said, I seem like a little girl. In fact, I am 23 years old and excluded from the title of “little girl”.
Anyway, I appreciated what I had learned along the process no matter the procedures in the back or the progresses in the front stage. And yet, I can understand how tough those trainers are and how smart the organizers are. Instead of making business throughout the training programs, they have their vision to building and helping the people to improve and growing. And this is also the vision and mission of my company, “Building for Growth”. We are enjoying the process all along the way we organized the programs.
By the way, I was also involving in setting up few system databases which cooperated with few teams of students which from Swinburne and of course, Unimas. At the moment, there are 5 system databases on my hand and I am appointed to go through all the processes with those IT teams. And I guess I will very busy with those system databases in the coming months. Huhuhu…
Besides, I have 3 tuition sessions in the night time and maybe there are 2 more sessions will come up. But I know this is the process I have to go through before reach my success. I need to learn to be a leader in guiding or leading people grows up with me. And of course, I need to improve my grammar and language skills. Hahaha… the weakest point!!