Friday, April 25, 2008


Finally, a healthy baby is very sadly to say..i got sick, seriously headache and feeling of vomit!
I think that is the signal of my health in some trouble. 2 days already I suffered in headache and lightheaded...

This really make me cannot doing well in my exam and my job! I didnt go to office this afternoon after my exam as I plan to go in actually to do the rest of my work. But spoiled just because of headache. I guess all this is because i have not enough sleep for these few weeks and rush here and there. Somemore the weather is changing from day to night.

Yeah, health is very important... I know that but since there is something has to rush up, I have to do it. Tomorrow have to go to office alone to complete something. Hopefully i will be alright after one night rest. Jeff, how you can predict on my health?? haha... Anyway, thanks a lot! Appreciate what you had tell me..

God Bless~~



J-Man said...

Ha ha... Told you so. My experience girl, my experience. Well i used to be like you so rush and rush and i think now i still do le. Used to it. Ha ha... Cos i saw your my shadow in you so might think of give some advice though.

I think i can open up a prediction or horoscope specialist centre. Ha ha...

Have a nice rest though.
God bless...