Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh no... What happen to my blog? I have been a long time didn’t update it.
Em... Too busy lately for rushing my tasks and working on my business. SORRY!!

Well... another conference will be running on 5 December 2008 at Crowne Plaza Riverside, Winning Your Customer Confidence. Nevertheless, 5 public training programs are also coming up this December, and i am the person in-charge on these 6 programs. When we see the dates are coming nearer and nearer, nervous... panic... heart attack to see the numbers still not going up!!!

Try to look for new source of data to gain in new customers... That’s what I keep on doing everyday...chasing the number of registrations... planning for the sales team to make the number getting more and more... segmenting the different programs to different industries. Anyway, I feel great to put into practice all my knowledge into my workplace. Haha... that's what our prof owaz told us!!!

Tired though but enjoy to see the number of registrations keep coming in and fortunately Joyce and Katherine understand our stress and keep motivating every morning to cheer our day up. A lovely boss although the incident make us depress last 2 weeks, but she is the only one keep cheering us and leading us across the depression. What we are doing now is working harder and harder to succeed the programs and conference to cheer up our boss too... Haha...

Oh ya... Katherine is also setting up her blog to build up commercial network for our upcoming conferences on 2009. Feel free to visit her blog ----->>

Will keep updating my blog and thank for your caring, Lau.


Anonymous said...

your are welcome my dear...