Thursday, November 27, 2008

A call from~~

Received a call from Singapore to ask whether im interested to work with them as a marketing & sales person. Same industry with my current company which are organizing training programs and conference. One thing different is they are more organizing at big cities.

Unfornately, I still have one semester to go. I wish... I really hope I can pass through this final semester sooner.

Have received few calls before this but those were calling from local companies and this is the first time received a call from outside Malaysia. Maybe its time for me to get ready myself to step in global, not only Kuching or even Malaysia?

Wish me luck in passing through my final semester and I can really make my dreams come true SOONER!!



J-Man said...

Wow... That is great... Hope i have such opportunities as well. Ha ha... Well bout ur studies, no worries la my dear. will be ok one.
Trust in urself.

FLo~ said...

two killer next semester, really worry bout that! I hope, i wish and i pray...i can pass through these few month sooner.

princEss_phYllE said...

u so luck..hehhe..well as Jma said,no worries bout ur study..sure finish it:)..owh ya,i like ur job:)forgot to tell u last sem..hehehe..gLuck in ur study and career

~ChRiStY~ said...

Flo,u will done in ur next sem..jt try ur best like in ur business..u can do it~
Jia Yu,my friend~