Wednesday, February 11, 2009


At the end of 2008, I had quit from my job at Adroit. Not because of anything else as what people are thinking about, it's just I have planned to start a business and try something new on my own.
Has started to prepare on my business plan from the beginning of 2009, even though i have planned it long time since 6 months ago. But the thing is... I have no time or even motivation to really work on it. Sigh~
Since i had decided quit from my job, so... it's time for me to really work hard on it and make it be ready within these 2 months, either Jan or Feb. Now then I realized, wow... it's not easy to start a business as I have to work on business plan which included budget calculating ( =_= bleeding!), looking for location and marketing strategies (*winks!).
Hmm~ the most make me feel upset is about the trade license and education permit application. Ok, lets just put aside education permit which have to take at least one year to get approval. So, I can only apply a trade license with nature of business as enterprise to work on my business. Hope it will be settled in near future as I wanted to expand the business as well as extending to other locations.
By the way, anyone can provide me more details on those headachy procedures? ~Sigh~

Anyway, Wishing you all have a blessed and fruitful 2009.

with love,


~ChRiStY~ said...

if dun have education permit can the tuition center operate?i just asking,cz i oso dunno about that.
anyway,its a new start~
Keep fighting ya,muacks..