Thursday, May 15, 2008


Long time didn't update my blog... Emmm... really a busy life!
Two weeks busy to prepare exam for my primary students' mid year exam. Teaching is really make me headache and tired than i work for over 12 hours in office. Suffered~~ Now i understand how tough those teachers and lecturers... Wahahaha~~

Doing on programmes' planning 2009 and some consultative programmes. Blur and confused! Maybe can call "strategies planning". Now then i realize, its not a easy job! Takes time... and need to do some researches. Learn to position the programmes to certain industries and the structure of those industries. Wao~

And yet, there are a lot of admin works which have to be done before we go off to KK next monday. Most probably have to stay back for OT tomorrow if everything is still not ready. 2 programmes will run concurrently on tuesday and wednesday and another consultative programme would be run in KL on Friday and Saturday.

Everything is going as what im hoping to. And miss my friends so much too... Wish them all the best. Hugs~~



J-Man said...

same here dear...
don worry, everything be fine.
like me never wrote book so now i'm doing it and push also. but i believe can be done la.
be confidence cos that is ur assets. ok.

God Bless..