Friday, May 2, 2008


Went for a meeting with my friends which involved in IT production of software. A good opportunity for me to gain more money, to learn more IT knowledge which bring a lot advantages to me in my workplace, maybe in future? Who knows? IT is getting important and treated as a skill which our generation supposed to know although we are not major or talented in IT.

Decide to start this business by partnering with them. Why? They are same kind with me which desire to achieve our goals, our dreams! One thing has to annouce here, we are all from UNIMAS. How smart we are! Hahaha~~~

By the way, i will still stay with my company, Adroit. It was the place for me to grow, to improve. And yet, Im hoping to go for the conference, campaign, exhibition with it. There are a lot of spaces for us to expand.

Willingness, and one thing... Brain Wave! Ever heard this before? Read a book which is regarding this topic. It really works and i believe it really works. Not only my salaries got increased in this month, May. There are a lot of opportunies also pop out since my willingness and desire is stronger from days to days. And my dreams seem is near to me from days to days.

Eventualy, I found my way to go. Still thinking of continue my study to Master degree but... hehe... haven't decide yet. One thing that Im very sure is my journey and my direction. And hopefully, My friends will found their ways too. All da best! Good Luck~