Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Have been doing on those topics of Training Programs. Spent two days on that already, just realize that how tough of those success marketers. How to package our service or product to be marketable and sellable? Im still weak on my English and this make me harder to find a relevant and right word to capture the objective of the programs. That’s what Im learning now… Word hard on this now!

Proposed some programs to the clients according to their requirements, and now waiting for their feedback! This is the first project which involved by me and Hui Phing. But Hui Phing is putting much more afford on that as I still in-charge on other tasks.
Before the sales visit, panic… tension… nervous…Haha… While started the topic with the clients, everything was ok for me! No more panic, tension and nervous…
I do believe this is what my superiors are teaching on me, be confidence and you will overcome all the negative feelings. Yes, I did it. I can share with them about our services, our trainers, and our programs. Not bad… haha!

Maybe this is still not enough and nothing to be proud for others, but I am really happy and grateful to have this improvement. A big thank to my superiors and Prof who advised me very much in propose my programs’ topic.

God Bless~~