Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Plan~

Talk to few of my friends last night when there is a gathering with all the fresh graduates from other Unis. Same thinking with me, looking for the extra money instead of work on one job. So, decide to open a tuition centre at the end of this year. The costs are not a problem for us since we have our own financial but the things is, has to apply for the license and all the bothering procedures. Sigh~

Also talk about our plans after graduate. 23 years old after finish our degree, have to work hard to save money for building up a family. Is it enough for 5 years? RM30,000 for a wedding party and all the expenses? My goodness, an unbelievable number for us. Its not possible to survive for only one job unless the support from the parents. What if we do not have financial support from family? Still have to work hard by ourselves, right? "Pengsan"~~ And i think i also feel "paisei" to get money from them since i already 23 years old.

Emm~ ok, back to our plan. Will targetted on those secondary school from Form 3 to Form 6. I think there were less competative instead of get the primary students. Haha.. Of course im not the one who in-charge on English subject. Most probably will in-charge on Add Math and Chinese or Science. Now is planning how to advertise and promo to those students. Maybe will through my secondary school and the schools which are near to my place since we have quite good relation with those teachers. Wahaha~~ This is another advantage which always went back to our schools during some special days like teachers day or other festivals, Hari Raya or Chinese New Year.
Hopofully the procedures for applying the license will not bring a lot trouble.

God Bless~