Saturday, May 17, 2008


Doing nothing tonight after busy for packing all my luaggages for monday's trip. Feeling sleepy but the mind still fresh and keep on thinking, anything... Haha! My mom said, my god... You're only 23 years old (not a secret), but why you got a lot white hairs? Maybe I think too much and seldom "switch off" my mind. Haha~

Thinking about my job, my plan... and the business. All are running in my mind!
First, How to get more potential customers for our consultative programs?
Second, plan to open another tuition centre with coorperate with my friends who are interested to join me. Looking for the market and the relevant location. Hopefully everything will be on running. Actually started tuition for quite a long time but not very good response for the registration, maybe not enough for the promotion? So, i decided to postpone my plan and join to another tuition centre for part time teacher. And now, there are few of my friends who are finished their study, I think maybe can have another try to get more students and start our new tuition class. Haha... Even i have lots of problem in English but i am very good in Math, Chinese and Science.

Jobless is another issue which are facing by my fellows friends recently. Em.. At the moment, actually its not necessary we strict to look for the job which only match to our course! Maybe can try in another way? I think that will not make ourselves in frustrating and suffering. From the different background of company, we will get differrent experience and knowledge. That is how i survived in my jobbing life these few years... Haha! Thats also how i gain my experince.

Anyway, all the best to you all and hope to see you get your good journey in the coming days.
May God bless you all~ hugs~